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This is a Prototype. To play the real version go HERE

One of each  jump. One massive wall. One goal. This is a game with precise platforming, a mysterious story, and The Lonly Wall to climb.


The Kews have climbed The Lonely wall since time immemorial. You know of none that have reached its heights. Now it's your turn.


1) when you are in the air you have only one of each jump to use: a left dash, a right dash, a double jump, and an upward dash after the double jump. 

2) if you touch solid ground in any way you get all your jumps back, so wall jumps and roof hopping will abound.

3) only your jumps can change your trajectory in the air, if you run out, you are at the mercy of gravity


This is my first game jam, and i think i did a pretty flippin great job considering I was alone, I wish i had made the difficulty curve less steep, i pretty much require you to sit and test the movement mechanics until you understand them.

My mantra was, "get it as high as i can." so basically everything you play is what came out of my head first, the platforming challenges the writing, the story, it's all off the cuff.

This was my first time animating a characters full range of motion, so i chose something simple and expressive, I love the nose so much.

there are typos galore, but I got rid of every bug i could find

BUG 1: if you examine nothing it gives back default text. whoops. T_T

BUG 2: Early on someone tells you he saves your game, Don't believe him, it is missed content from the first draft

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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GenrePlatformer, Adventure
TagsAtmospheric, Cute, Difficult, Exploration, Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Space, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Amazing game, specially if it's your first one! I really liked the movement mechanics, and the style was also nice. If you like pixel art and such, check out MortMort's YouTube Channel and MiniBoss Studio's pixel art tutorials, by the same artists of Celeste. They may be really helpful.


Thanks, I haven't played Celeste, but maybe I should since people keep comparing me to it...

Not bad! But you could make a better graphics


yeah...the main character is the apex of my graphical skill right now. I made him for this actually, totally original.  thanks for playing!