Initial Post - Help & Instructions (just in case you need it)


Hey, thanks for visiting this. This little game here is my current project, I have big plans for it. 

  • Here's the premise, it's a tower defense game, but instead of building towers, you are building staging areas for your units, and your units will destroy enemy towers. 
  • Your goal is to get a certain number of units out the end of the level, without losing to many.

=== Controls ===

  • Click on a unit/tower/staging area to select it, and see information about it.
  • Use the Restart button to restart the level.


  • Clicking on a Tower will also display a little white circle on the path, this is where your melee units will leave the path and travel to the tower to start attacking it.
  • If you click a tower a second time, you will mark it so your units know to attack it.
  • When a Tower is destroyed, it will leave behind an empty staging area
  • When a a Tower is destroyed, any units attacking it will leave the battlefield without costing you a life.

Staging Areas

  • Clicking a Staging area will show a little yellow circle on the path, this is where your units will exit the staging area when you send them.
  • You might also see a little gray circle on the path as well, this is a second exit, and if you right click you can toggle which one your units will take.
  • If you left click a staging area again, you will send its units down the path.
  • If all your units have died, your staging areas will automatically refresh their units.
  • Click the 'New Wave' button to refresh your empty staging areas units without needing to send the rest to their doom. 

Enemy Units

  • Enemy Units will stop your units on the path.
  • Enemy Units are refreshed each time any of your towers refresh their units.
  • Remember, your units will automatically attack enemy units, you DON'T have to mark them for attack.


  • Where the path splits, there will be a large red arrow pointing at the path your units will take when they reach it.
  • To switch the direction, just click the crossroad, you will see it turn and point towards the new path.

Player Unit - Melee

  • Melee units will go off the path to attack towers, and will attack enemy units directly.

Player Unit - Ranged

  • Ranged units will attack enemy units and towers from a distance, and will stay on the path.

Player Unit - Runner

  • Runners do not deal damage, instead they gather money.
  • For every tenth of the track a runner walks, they will repeatedly give you 3 gold.
  • there is also a 30 gold bonus given for having runners reach further sections of the path, but these bonuses do not repeat. You get one 30 gold bonus for every tenth of the track you reach, so you can get this bonus a maximum of ten times in a single level.
  • If a runner has gathered a 30 gold bonus while running, it will leave the battlefield without dying when a tower tries to attack it.

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